Our Communities

The North West LHIN is comprised of numerous small towns and First Nation communities spread throughout rural and remote areas. The geographic location of these towns and communities creates numerous challenges in planning, delivering and accessing health services. Many First Nation communities in Northwestern Ontario are not accessible by road year around. At various times of the year people in Northwestern Ontario are exposed to hazardous weather and road conditions and traveling delays when required to travel long distances to receive health care.

Population Health Profile (2011)

Working with Our Communities

The North West LHIN is committed to ongoing engagement with stakeholders and communities including the public, patients/clients, service providers and others.

Community Engagement Strategy

As outlined in our North West LHIN Community Engagement Strategy the North West LHIN strives to provide stakeholders with balanced and objective information; obtain feedback and make recommendations on service gaps and opportunities for coordination and integration; ensure that concerns are consistently understood and considered; and build relationships.