Getting to Know the Francophone Community

The North West and the North East regions consist of French-speaking communities dispersed throughout a vast geographic area of Ontario. In this section you will find information on Francophone Organizations, Francophone Demographics, the French Language Health Planning Entity, Video Clips, and on the Office of Francophone Affairs. 

FLS   Francophone Organizations 

Engagement with the Francophone communities that you serve will help in identifying the needs of this population.

FLS    Francophone Demographics

Approximately 134,775 Francophones live in the North, which includes both the North West and North East LHINs.
FLS    French Language Health Planning Entity 

As a French Language Planning Entity, the Réseau du mieux-être francophone du Nord de l’Ontario has a clear mandate to advise the North East and North West LHINs on all questions related to health care for Francophones living in Northern Ontario. 

FLS    Video Clips

Examples of success stories.

FLS    Office of Francophone Affairs

Ensures Franco-Ontarians receive government services so they can participate in the social. economic and political life of the province, while maintaining their linguistic and cultural heritage.