French Interpretation

Interpretation tools for the North West and North East Regions

Interpretation Guide for Healthcare Professionals - English-French

This Interpretation Guide has been created by l’Accueil francophone to help healthcare professionals communicate with their French-speaking clients. It was designed as a quick and simple tool to provide French equivalents for medical terms and phrases commonly used in various contexts. This guide is available in hard copy or as an App called Med-Interpret. This is available to all health service providers in the North.  

Mobile Apps - Medi-Lexico

Medi-Lexico is a lexicon of French and English medical terminology that has been created by the Consortium national de formation en français. This lexicon includes audio clips, allows you to find a specific medical term and listen to its pronunciation, communicate with more confidence and improve your vocabulary. Each Medi-Lexico contains hundreds of audio clips in each language. In a series of 5 mobile applications optimized for smartphones and tablets. Each application is free, individually downloadable, follows the same structure and the same categories: Pathology, Anatomy, Treatment and Equipment.

These applications are intended for French and English healthcare professionals and students, who can access them at any time: no download is required after installation.

Interpretation tools for the North West Region

Face to Face Interpretation Services in Thunder Bay

L’Accueil francophone de Thunder Bay is an organization that provides interpretation services in person for people in Thunder Bay or coming to Thunder Bay to access health services. 

For more information on their services, click here.

Interpretation Services Available via OTN

L’Accueil francophone has obtained OTN equipment to be able to provide interpretation for health services via OTN.  This service is available for the Northwest region.  

Three hour workshop to learn how to interpret for your client

A three hour workshop has been developed to teach bilingual health care professionals how to interpret for clients in their work environment. This workshop is available to all HSPs.