Human Resources


Evaluation of French Competency Levels  

There are tools available to the health service providers to help identify the level of French competency of the employees. The provider may use an informal evaluation process to evaluate level of French competency if this is appropriate or may use a formal evaluation process.   

The tool for the informal evaluation process is a document that contains a description of seven levels of French competency. This is a document to be circulated to the employees to conduct a self-assessment of their level of French competency. Normally a person indicating that they are at an advanced level or more has the competency level required to provide services in French.     

The tool for the formal evaluation process is a formal assessment that is completed by a company named New Avenues Linguistic Services inc. They are located in Ottawa but have the ability to conduct the assessments over the phone. There is a cost for this service. This service is recommended if the provider is looking at conducting an evaluation for a designated position for services in French.   

A second option to conduct a formal assessment is a company in New Brunswick. They provide a similar service to that of the one in Toronto. There is also a fee for this service.  


Finders Keepers: Recruiting and Retaining Bilingual Staff 

This resource covers three important steps that improve an organization's success in maintaining bilingual staff: recruiting bilingual employees, retaining them and developing strategies to keep them in the organization. The resource is part of HC Link's series aimed at building the capacity of organizations to deliver services in French.  


Framework for Recruitment & Retention of Bilingual Human Resources in the Health Sector 

This document deals with the approaches to the recruitment and retention of Francophone and bilingual health professionals from English and French educational settings, within health establishments and organizations. Based upon a review of the literature on bilingual human resources in the health sector and an analysis and synthesis of theoretical concepts and research findings it proposes a framework for recruitment and retention of bilingual human resources in the context of health services for a minority population. This document has been created by HC Link.  


Francophone Media 

A list of Francophone media has been created to help health service providers in recruiting bilingual French-speaking health professionals. This list is mainly composed of French radio stations and French newspapers in the North and French television in Ontario.


Human Resources Support Kit- Pathway to Bilingual Services 

This document provides information to help providers with developing a bilingual service capability, hiring qualified bilingual personnel and providing an active offer of services.l It was produced by a provincial organisation called Regroupement des intervenants francophones en santé et en services sociaux (Rifssso). This French name means a network for health and social services for French-speaking professionals.   


Presentation – Pathway to Bilingual Services 

This is a presentation that was created to present the human resources support kit to staff etc.  It describes how to develop bilingual capability within an organization. It has been developed by the provincial organisation Regroupement des intervenants francophones en santé et services sociaux de l’Ontario (Rifssso).    


Tool Box for Physicians

The Tool Box entitled Franco Doc is a collection of resources for learning the medical French you need to improve your language and culture skills. It is also a database for learning opportunities in French. You will find numerous Canadian resources for learning to provide medical services in French.