Identification of Francophones

Position Paper on the Linguistic Variable

The Regroupement des entités de planification des services de santé en français de l’Ontario (French Language Health Planning Entities) developed a joint position paper on the linguistic variable.  The linguistic variable is two questions to identify Francophones.  The Ontario Office of Francophone Affairs (OFA) adopted the new Inclusive Definition of Francophone in 2009 to take into account the diversity of the Francophone community. 

The first question for the linguistic variable is the mother tongue. The second question allows for the inclusion of newcomers whose mother tongue is not French, but who know and understand French as an official language, as proposed by the Inclusive Definition of Francophone. For more information on the position paper on the linguistic variable click here.

The questions for the linguistic variable are the following: 

Q1. What is your mother tongue? 

A: French, English, Other 

Q2. If your mother tongue is neither French nor English, in which of Canada’s official languages are you most comfortable? 

A: French, English