Implementation of French Language Services

1. First Steps to French Language Services Planning

This is a resource that provides information on the first steps in planning for French language services.  Planning to deliver French Language Services (FLS) can seem overwhelming, particularly if your organization is new to working with Francophone communities and delivering services in French. This resource is focused on how to start planning - and ultimately delivering -- services in French. This resource was created by HC Link.  

2. How to engage Francophones if you do not speak French

This document explores, in three simple steps, practical ways to meaningfully engage Francophones even when you do not speak French. Common pitfalls as well as keys for success are also outlined. This document has been created by HC Link.

3. Finders Keepers: Recruiting and Retaining Bilingual Staff

This document presents information on two topics. The first topic explains three essential steps in order to succeed in the recruitment of bilingual staff and the second one explains the steps to follow in order to maintain bilingual staff. There are many links included in this document that could be of interest and of help when planning for services in French. This document has been created by the HC Link. 


4. Human Resources Support Kit - Pathway to Bilingual Services

This human resources support kit has been created to help providers with developing a bilingual service capability, hiring qualified bilingual personnel and providing an active offer of services. The kit was produced by a provincial organization who is the Regroupement des intervenants francophones en santé et en services sociaux de l’Ontario (Rifssso). This name means a network of French-speaking professionals in health and social services in Ontario.  

Presentation - Pathway to Bilingual Services

This presentation was created to present the human resources support kit to staff.  It describes how to develop bilingual capability within an organization. It has been developed by the provincial organization Regroupement des intervenants francophones en santé et services sociaux de l’Ontario (Rifssso).  

  • Click here to view the presentation

5. Creating a Bilingual Organizational Culture

This resource provides a seven-step model to develop a bilingual organizational culture and profiles practical examples from organizations that have had success in this area. This document has been created by HC LINK. 

6. Designation Plan for French Language Services

The designation plan is a tool which is made available to agencies that receive transfer payments from the government of Ontario that wish to obtain official designation pursuant to the French Language Services Act or expand their existing designation to cover additional services or ministries. In order to obtain official designation the agency would complete this plan and submit to their respective LHIN.  

A flow chart of the critical path for French language services designation has been created to demonstrate the steps involved when submitting a request for official designation.

Further to a consultation process involving the ministries and members of the Francophone community, the Office of Francophone Affairs has established a number of criteria which agencies are required to comply with, in order to obtain and maintain their designation. 

Criteria for designation:

  • The agency must offer quality services in French on a permanent basis, which is ensured by employees with the requisite French language skills. 
  • Access to services must be guaranteed and follow the principle of an active offer. 
  • Provisions for effective representation of Francophones on the board of directors and its committees are included in the administrative by-laws and must reflect the proportion of the Francophone population within the community served. 
  • The senior management team must have an effective representation of Francophones. 
  • The board of directors and the senior management team must be accountable with respect to the quality of French language services.

List of identified providers for French Language Services in the North West LHIN

List of identified providers for French Language Services in the North East LHIN List of designated providers for French Language Services in the North East LHIN