Written Communication

Writing Tools for Health Professionals

Click here for a variety of tools available for written communications, to help health care professionals communicate in French to their clients.

Translation Services

Translation services are available at no cost for health service providers that are identified and designated for French language services. This translation service is funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) French Language Services office and is managed by the office of l'Accueil Francophone in Thunder Bay.

Translation guidelines are in place to provide direction on the process and the eligibility of documents to be translated. Click here for Translation Guidelines.

A request for service form for translation has also been created for requests for translation.This form must be completed and sent with the document for every translation request. Contact information is on the request for service for translation form. Click here for the Request for Service Form.

List of Freelance Translators: For health service providers that are not identified or designated there is a list of accredited freelance translators available to provide translation services. There is a cost for this service.

Master List of Translated Documents: The translation network produces a master list of documents that have been translated to share with all health service providers in the province. These documents are of a general nature on a variety of health topics.

If anyone is interested in accessing one or more of these translated documents the contact information for the translator and the organization is on the master list. Please note the tabs on the bottom of the master list to direct you to the appropriate information. More information has been included in a fact sheet to answer questions in regards to how to use this list. Click here to view the Fact Sheet.