Patient Centered Care

In the discussion paper, Patients First: A Proposal to Strengthen Patient-Centred Health Care in Ontario, Health Minister Hoskins describes the government’s commitment to creating a health care system that puts patients first. 

The discussion paper also states that: 

  • Franco-Ontarians face challenges obtaining health services in French. To meet their needs, and improve their patient experience and health outcomes, we must ensure that the health care system is culturally sensitive and readily accessible in French. 

To help achieve patient-centered care for Francophones, an active offer approach to the provision of services in French is needed. Active offer is a proactive way to offer services in French that puts the onus on the provider to offer services in French, rather than placing the responsibility on the patient of having to ask for services in French.

The following fact sheets offer practical guidelines for applying Active Offer:

For more information on how to integrate a patient-centered approach and to identify components of cultural competence, please consult this online resource on Patient-Centered Approach and Cultural Competence.