North West Local Health Integration Network, Regional Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) Coordinator

The North West LHIN Regional Medical Assistance in Dying Coordinator will help to support health care providers, patients and family caregivers to access resources and to help connect to clinicians who are willing to provide Medical Assistance in Dying services. 

The North West LHIN’s Regional Medical Assistance in Dying Coordinator will support patients in our region to understand the process of MAiD, to make a request for MAiD and to connect to local clinicians who can help them access palliative care services or medical assistance in dying.

The coordinator will also support clinicians in finding:

  • An independent physician who is able to provide a second assessment to confirm whether a patient meets all the eligibility criteria for Medically Assisted Death as required by the federal legislation
  • A community pharmacist that will dispense the drugs needed for a Medical Assisted Death, and
  • A physician that will prescribe or administer the drugs required for a Medical Assisted Death if necessary

The North West LHIN’s Regional MAiD Care Coordinator roles includes, but not limited to:

  • Documentation of MAiD clinician resources and clinical services in the LHIN
  • Coordination of MAiD requests both for patients and for clinicians
  • Provision of education, information and navigation support to patients and clinicians in the LHIN
  • Assisting with provincial reporting requirements to the office of the Chief Coroner
  • Assisting with Federal reporting requirement to Health Canada
  • Evaluation of Regional MAiD services

Patients and their caregivers are able to call the Regional Medical Assistance in Dying Coordinator at 1-800-626-5406 for information regarding a Medically Assisted Death and other end of life options, and to make requests to be connected to a physician, or pharmacist who is willing to provide services.

Please download the following bilingual poster in legal, or letter formats for printing in office. 


Physicians who are unwilling or unable to provide Medical Assistance in Dying services can contact the North West LHIN’s Regional Medical Assistance In Dying Coordinator for assistance in referring their patients to clinicians who are willing to provide these services.

For more information on current federal reporting, please visit the Health Canada site here.

The North West LHIN Care Coordinators support Medical Assistance in Dying through:

  • Providing information on a Medically Assisted Death, including how to access assessment and provision
  • Liaising with the Most Responsible Practitioner regarding assessment and provision
  • Authorizing services for eligible patients in community settings based on individual assessment of need and care planning preferences, including, but not limited to
    • Nursing for IV access and support
    • Supplies
    • Social Work and or Bereavement support
    • Primary Clinical Assessment and or Provision of a Medical Assisted Death by a Nurse
    • Practitioner in collaboration with another clinical (Secondary Assessor), and or
    • Secondary Clinical Assessment by an Nurse Practitioner
    • Arrange for an independent witness and or
    • Hospice, spiritual or Bereavement supports