Health Service Providers in the North West LHIN Region

The North West LHIN funds Health Service Providers (HSPs) with whom we hold accountability agreements. Ontario's LHINs are required under the Local Health Services Integration Act, 2006, to negotiate service accountability agreements with the health service providers funded.  There are Hospital Service Accountability Agreements (H-SAAs), Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreements (M-SAAs) and Long-Term Care Home Service Accountability Agreements (L-SAAs).Hospital Service Accountability Agreements (H-SAAs).

The first Hospital Service Accountability Agreements were signed in 2008 and covered fiscal years 2008-2010.  Subsequent to the initial period, H-SAAs have been amended.

Click here to view hospital websites and service accountability agreements.

Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreements (M-SAAs)

A Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreement is a service accountability agreement that is negotiated between the LHIN and a community health service provider.  M-SAAs are negotiated with service providers in the following sectors: community health centres, home and community care, community support services and mental health and addiction services. 

Click here to view community health service providers' websites and service accountability agreements.

Long-Term Care Home Service Accountability Agreements (L-SAAs)

The North West LHIN holds service accountability agreements with Long-Term Care Homes (LTCH) which provide services throughout the North West LHIN region. 

Click here to view Long-Term Care Home providers' websites and service accountability agreements.