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Announcement of Inaugural Core Teams and Sub-region Planning Table Members in Northwestern Ontario

January 25, 2018 

North West Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) system leaders are coming together in a new way to address population health planning.

In 2017 the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care approved the five Sub-region Planning regions in the North West LHIN, which are: the City of Thunder Bay, the District of Thunder Bay, the District of Kenora, the District of Rainy-River and Northern District. 

The inaugural members of the five Sub-region Planning Tables have now been assembled.

Through Sub-region Planning Tables, North West LHIN system leaders will advance population health planning within each of the five Sub-regions. Sub-region Planning Tables will focus on population-based planning, performance improvement, championing of LHIN-wide health care priorities, service alignment, and integration.

This renewed approach benefits from the real-life perspectives of those who live and work in the health care system. By aligning the priorities of various tables that many system partners currently sit at, a single planning table at the Sub-region level will show respect for peoples’ time and effort to improve the system together.

Planning Tables will include a cross-section of representation from: patients, families, caregivers, Aboriginal representatives, Francophone representatives, Primary Care (Physicians, Nurse Practitioners), Specialist Physicians, Hospitals, Public Health, Municipal Services, Home and Community Care, Community Support Services, Long-Term Care Homes and Mental Health and Addictions. 

Find out who the Sub-region Planning Table members are:

Please note that the Northern Sub-region Planning Table membership is still evolving to ensure Indigenous representation and will begin meetings in 2018.

Each Planning Table member is responsible to bring the perspectives of their community including the broader stakeholder groups (by sector and by geography) to ensure perspectives are taken into account. As such, stakeholders, including the general public, can expect to be engaged by Sub-region Table members.

Internal resources at the North West LHIN have been aligned to support each Sub-region and incorporate their feedback into planning activities. Internal resources include a Sub-region Director, Clinical Lead, Planning Lead, Performance Lead and Home and Community Care Manager.


The Vision for Sub-region Planning

It is well known that the North West LHIN faces many challenges, including poorer health outcomes despite more being spent on health care per capita than elsewhere in the province. By focusing on population health planning at the local level, the unique needs of patients and communities are reflected in services for the people of Northwestern Ontario. This concept has been increasingly embraced by the North West LHIN’s system partners since 2012, with the advancement of the Health Services Blueprint, Health Links, Patients First, and other initiatives that bring partners together across sectors.


What is a Sub-region?

Learn more about North West LHIN Sub-regions by clicking here.



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