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April 25, 2016

Congratulations to North of Superior Healthcare Group 


Photo (Left to Right): Suzanne Bouchard, COO, NOSH; Janet Martel, CFO, NOSH; Adam Brown, CEO, NOSH; Cathy Collinson, Board Member, NOSH; Honourable Michael Gravelle, MPP Thunder Bay-Superior North; Jason Nesbitt, Former Board Chair, The McCausland Hospital; Laura Kokocinski, CEO North West LHIN; Ken McIntyre, Former Board Chair, Wilson Memorial Hospital, Dan Levesque, Interim Board Chair, North West LHIN

Effective April 1, 2016, Wilson Memorial General Hospital in Marathon, and The McCausland Hospital in Terrace Bay officially amalgamated into one corporation called the North of Superior Healthcare Group (NOSH). The hospital sites will maintain their names, and will operate as part of the North of Superior Healthcare Group (NOSH).

“We are accountable to the communities, the people, that Wilson Memorial General Hospital and The McCausland Hospital serve,” says Adam Brown, CEO of NOSH.

“This is an important step in achieving our Vision of Healthy Communities, Now and in the Future.” 

This amalgamation is a culmination of a journey that began in 2008 when Wilson Memorial General Hospital and The McCausland Hospital entered into a Joint Venture Agreement that allowed the sharing of senior administration between the two organizations. A Joint Board Agreement was initiated in 2013 which allowed for coordinated governance of both Hospital corporations. 

The North West LHIN extends its congratulations to the North of Superior Healthcare Group, recognizing the two hospitals for their contribution to health system transformation and integration. 

“This amalgamation demonstrates the hard work and commitment of both hospitals and advances the vision of an integrated health care system in service to the health and well-being of the people of Northwestern Ontario,” said Laura Kokocinski, Chief Executive Officer North West LHIN.   


The main focus of the North West LHIN Health Services Blueprint is the vision of Healthier people, a strong health system - our future. The Blueprint was created to reshape, strengthen and sustain the healthcare resources in North Western Ontario - a plan that was developed for the Northwest Region but also created by the Northwest Region. It is a 10-year plan to reshape and strengthen health care delivery in the North West LHIN, and is the result of evidence-based research, and of feedback from people who use the system and from health service providers in the North West LHIN. 

Above all, the Blueprint helps to build an integrated health care system that will deliver care closer to home, while helping to ensure the system is here for generations to come. The Blueprint presents an opportunity to deliver a more integrated care experience and improve health outcomes in the communities in the Northwest Region. 

The vision of NOSH is Healthy communities, now, and in the future. This vision of transformation and integration creates a better health care system, and in doing so aligns itself with the Health Services Blueprint. Patients are the focus and will be able to find their way to the correct level of care.  Integrating health care services allows for improved patient experiences and better health outcomes for the Northwest Region making it easier for people to access the right care in the right place at the right time.  

The North of Superior Healthcare Group has demonstrated innovation, sustainability and commitment to care by completing this integration.  

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